It’s time for the drive of the year! The Colorado Mazda RX-7, 7’s Day!

I own the 93 red FD RX-7 with in the group. I have had the privilege of owning this amazing machine for about 2 years. When I purchased the car in May of 2020 I drove it for a few months and then decided before winter of that year the turbos needed to be rebuilt. I then had the stock twin turbo system sent of to Florida to get her done! Well, 3 months turned into 4 months, then 6 months with no feed back from the shop, who will remain nameless. Don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. The only reason I am giving them somewhat of a break is because it was deep with in the middle the COVID cooties season. So, back to the amount of time they had my turbo. After 6 months and no updates I got a hold of the owner. They stated that they could not fined parts to rebuild the turbo set up I had. Since this shop could not help me, I completed my own research and make some phone calls. I found out that they were pretty much right! There were only about 2 places that produced parts for my twin turbo system on the RX7 and one of them shut down due to COVID. So by now they had my turbos for about 10 months, so I gave up that battle and I had them return my turbos. After about 5 mins and no further debate with myself I decided to complete a single turbo conversion on my car. It wouldn’t be until February of 2022 that I finally got my car running again.

So after that horribly long boring story, what I wanted to eventually get to was that I was beyond excited to finally get to hang out with other rotary enthusiasts. It literally was the high light of my year. Finally getting my car back up and running and finally being able to connect with the local Colorado RX7 club members!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions on my services or my car please feel free to contact me via the contacts page!